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It all started with an idea, an idea to be different from the rest on the market.

It all started with an idea, an idea to be different from the rest on the market.

And that's how it happened - 20 years ago, me, Holm Minschke and my partner Thomas Schmidt decided to start a brokerage company for insurance and finance out of nothing. It started with 2 clients and that was Holm Minschke and Thomas Schmidt and we thought that if things went so well, we could continue.

Far from it! It was pretty hard to reposition as a broker in a business like insurance and financial investments. Our approach was and is, first the customer and then the company. With a wide range of insurance and investment choices, which the customer can freely choose according to his needs.

Hence our company name FREE INSURANCE and FINANCIAL BROKER MINSCHKE & SCHMIDT OHG. The free choice of different providers under one roof was still new 20 years ago. We really started working from home, with a telephone and a computer and flyers that we distributed during the day in the mailboxes of the houses in Potsdam. Then we waited at home to see if calls came in.

AND there were calls.

The first call was so emotional, we didn't even know our company name, there was no name yet, but our motto was clear. The client gets better through life with us.

As I said, it was very emotional, the first customer called and wanted an appointment, it was so moving, we were lying in each other's arms with joy and tears were running, and we knew that the time had come.

Today, 20 years later, we want to start something new again, because we realized what we should make visible for everyone, hence the eagle on our website. It is about recognizing and implementing how an eagle soars up into the air without any outside influence to control its financial investments.

The company Save Up is owner-managed, nobody influences us. Therefore it is also possible to design things yourself and to focus on them, to see more clearly and to make decisions. With our new website we would like to show people that it is possible to decide independently for an investment.

Our motto: GOOD instead of CREDIT.

What we have recognized: Money alone does not make people happy. True, but it does make FREE for personal decisions; life goals can be realized; ideas that each individual has, each in his own way, can be realized.

  • Travel
  • Education
  • House / apartment
  • alternative lifestyles
  • personal time-out
  • Further training and very important
  • staying healthy.

In each of us slumber abilities that may be awakened. But it is not so, everyone goes to work ... To pay rent, food, daily life.

Isn't a time out without fear of loss fantastic?

You can only have ideas for your life if you have time for them. Ideas rule the world and set actions in motion. We know, we will not change the world with our ideas, but we would like to try it nevertheless, together with people, like an eagle from airy heights, where only the eagle has the sovereignty and the overview of everything to decide, which financial investment suits you, where I am supported during my flight of life by strong lift and if I have to land even with an airbag softly - so I can calmly spend my money for everything that is important to me , that is our goal.

To accompany your life's journey and to be there when you want to fulfill your life's dreams with credit and returns, that is our ambition. In addition, each individual can contribute with his investment to bring sustainability into our lives. Because all environmental goals we set ourselves must be paid for and financed, so we ensure with sustainable investments that our eagle can symbolically protect and keep its habitat forever and we can protect and keep our habitat, while generating returns for later.